Easier And Effective Memorization Techniques

Easier And Effective Memorization Techniques

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Memorization tires most of us. Admit it; wed rather glance on our palm tops or organizers once in a 프리바람의나라 while for convenience. Memorization is something we dont want to deal with for the rest of our lives although we deal with it in school because its something we need to do.

Now thats just odd. When we need to do something, we tend to give our best shot at it. Why cant we do the same thing with our simple everyday activities?

One effective and interesting way of familiarization and memorization of objects at a particular time or event is to associate them with a journey. The place or location where the journey happens can be stationary but not you, the traveler. You should come across the entire set of objects which are available on the setting you have chosen.

We can set the movie house as an example for this memory improvement approach. Before you enter the movie house lobby, you purchase tickets for you and your friend. You know its the ticket booth because you see people falling in line to buy their own tickets. Now, associate the elements you see with what you need to remember. Lets pretend that you need to buy grocery items after seeing a movie. Seeing...

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