See Your Hotmail and Myspace Accounts From the Office

See Your Hotmail and Myspace Accounts From the Office

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Don’t let the local network censorware get you down. With a few simple steps you can bypass the local web filters and see sites from work like hotmail and myspace.

With the increasing number of companies now using some kind of censorware in the workplace more and more people are blocked from selected websites, you donot need to be one of them. Many people have valid reasons to visit such site even form work on occasion. Getting access approval from the IT department can be a slow process and may take so long that the information is no longer timely.

One of the easiest ways to circumvent these in-house road blocks is to use a cgi proxy server script to bypass local network filters. These CGI proxy servers are accessible from “bypass websites that provide these services for free or on a subscription basis. These sites are the front end of what is know as cgi bypass proxy servers.

A bypass website is a web-based page that takes a site that is blocked locally and “bypasses” restrictions on visiting specific sites by local network filters by displaying blocked pages on an unblocked website, enabling you to view the blocked websites....

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